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About Us

Yoropen Inc. is a US based corporation located in the Washington DC metro area, founded by Yoropen’s inventor, Baoshen (Johnson) Liu, and cofounded by Shawn Lai.

Johnson Liu devoted himself more than 30 years to his invention career, and his designs have won more than thirty awards all over the world. His most famous invention is the Yoropen, which won the following awards:

  • Geneva Salon International Invention Gold Medal Award

  • iF International Design Award Winner

  • Red Dot design award

  • Salon Univers D'Enfants

  • STYLOGRAPHE "Le Stylographe"

  • ISPA & Innovation Award, first prize in Writing Category

  • CIREC Competition

Johnson Liu did come from a wealthy family. He finished school at the age of eighteen and started working in a factory. At that age he had many ideas, hope and dreams, but he could not find a way to apply his talents through his routine jobs. He was later inspired by an Indiana Jones movie which sparked his path as an inventor.

In 1995, Boashen (Johnson) Liu and his wife had twin daughters named Yoyo and Roro, who were both diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Over the following years, Johnson quit his job to take care of his daughters and began noticing they experienced many difficulties writing and holding straight stick pens due to their illness. He began thinking how he could help them, and how there were many disadvantages associated with the way people write. This led him to researching and developing the Yoropen, the world’s most ergonomically designed pen. It was designed specifically to ease the way people write, and correct the various problems people face while writing. The name for the Yoropen comes from a combination of his daughter’s names.

Yoropen is dedicated to providing you with the best and most compfortable ergonamically stylish pens.